Market Traders Institute Forex Trade: Training and Technology Redefined

Market Traders Institute Forex Trade: Training and Technology Redefined

CIO VendorJacob Martinez, President and CEO
Foreign currency (forex) is a $5.3 trillion market, and trading has increased around the world, as more companies make inroads into the domain. However, trading firms often use third-party software which is not user-friendly. This gives organizations few options for customization. And any customization is often done across the board for all users, which leaves a firm’s customer data vulnerable to a competitor’s poaching.

To solve these widespread problems, Market Trader’s Institute (MTI) created proprietary trading software which allows customization while still securing client information. As a B2C company based in Orlando, FL, MTI has emerged as a leader in forex trading education and technology. MTI’s unique combination of technological and educational resources helps forex traders realize a fast return on their investment. By safeguarding client information, trading firms may continue business without the risk of losing clients to competitors.

“MTI is built by traders and investors, for traders and investors,” states Jacob Martinez, president and CEO, MTI. He adds that as a family-owned organization, MTI focuses on clients’ success as opposed to shareholders’ returns.

MTI’s primary goal, to provide faster ROI for clients, has led to the development of several forex training products, using specific software and strategies. In the past year alone, MTI has launched more than 30 different training products, including investment software, such as its popular Ultimate Charting Software, online training programs, Momentum Breakout Course, and live events, hosted by successful forex traders, such as Josh’s Mastermind Club and the 2017 Power Traders Summit. The company believes pairing innovative technologies with robust educational programs is pivotal to clients’ success.

As a result, MTI offers a suite of products designed to make forex trading accessible to beginners and experienced traders alike.

The company’s flagship product— The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand—provides video lessons, quizzes, software solutions, and trading strategies designed for forex traders’ profitability. “The Ultimate Traders Package is a perfect blend of trading theory, practical application, and trading technology to help clients learn faster,” describes Martinez.

To increase consistent profits, clients couple the trading strategies of Ultimate Traders Package with the Ultimate Charting Software. This technology contains in-chart trading and smart tools, which makes analysis quicker and easier. Plus, the software has features that automatically locate support and resistance levels or point to the correct spot for placing drawing tools. MTI’s Patterns Tool enables visualization of pricing patterns like the King’s Crown, head and shoulders, and the double bottom pattern with a simple drag and drop function. Combining Ultimate Charting Software with educational products such as The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand has helped traders reap weekly profits ranging from $500 to $2,000.

Clients purchasing Ultimate Traders Package on Demand or Ultimate Charting Software undergo a 90-minute orientation program that walks them through all the modules. After orientation, the trader may customize the software with their own methodologies and applications according to their own preferred trading style. The customized versions of the software would be visible only to the intended end users, which eliminates the possibility for competitors to poach a trader’s customers. Once the customization is complete, clients go through practical application in the market. Through guided training, these clients learn the art of trading using software and smart tools.

MTI continues to focus on innovation and development of new trading technologies, strategies, and techniques to improve client outcomes. The company plans to enter into new markets, such as cryptocurrency, and strengthen relationships with top brokerage firms to introduce new products in the B2B space.

By setting the gold standard in training and technology for forex trading, MTI’s clients have secured more than 3 million pips in 2017— equivalent to $30,000,000 in standard trading lots.