SmartTrader: A Social Media of Traders

SmartTrader: A Social Media of Traders

CIO VendorIsaac Martinez, CEO
In the era of open idea exchange, trading can remain a profession with unanswered questions, insecurities, and doubts. Though conventional trading platforms educate traders, they continue to decide the tone of content and share information in a non-engaging way. Together, these practices fail to connect the traders on a single page. Here, SmartTrader’s platform and products transforms trading into a social activity. Its cloud-based charting and trading platform connects investors, traders, and market enthusiasts in a social way. “We have developed a data-rich platform that allows traders to trade in equities, forex, cryptocurrencies and share their market insights with others, creating a community of active traders,” says Isaac Martinez, CEO, SmartTrader. “On our platform, the trader is the primary content creator, contributor, and learner.”

The platform offers data feeds, advanced trading functionality, trading ideas, and premium charts driven by a robust charting engine. Feeds include equity, forex, and cryptocurrency information updating traders with the current market conditions. Through a single pane of glass, traders can gain an overview of thousands of instruments. The trading and charting solution offers 150+ indicators and charting tools that allow traders to quickly and easily identify market opportunities. The SmartTrader platform can also automatically identify candlestick formations, trend direction, fibonacci waves, pivot points, support, and resistance, helping traders easily determine bearish and bullish trends in the market. Equipped with these rich insights, traders can find opportunities and ask fellow platform users to validate their analysis. Community members can comment and participate in the trader's work. It also looks forward to introducing a new feature ‘Trade Copy’ that allows traders to follow a fellow trader and copy his trading methods.

SmartTrader’s mission is to continually equip traders with the most advanced trading tools, in an attempt to further that mission they have recently offered a scripting language called Smartscripts.

We have developed a data-rich platform that allows traders to trade in equities, forex, cryptocurrencies and share their market insights with others, creating a community of active traders

Traders can now write their own business or trading rules, from simple instructions to very complex functionalities, creating a system that can automatically trade on their behalf. Also, traders can establish alerts for basic crossovers, moving averages, trend lines with conditional formatting. For example, a trader can draw a trendline to future and input alert for closing positions. If the market crosses the trend line, then the system will automatically close all trading positions. Traders can share these scripts and alerts with the community, and members can download, test, and contribute back to the group.

SmartTrader is a completely broker-neutral platform, giving traders a wide selection of potential brokerage firms. Currently, the platform has onboarded over 100 brokerage firms and the number continues to grow. Integrating with different brokerage platforms is made easy through an API, however the time to integrate new brokers depends on the uniqueness of integration. The company has set a strict criteria for potential brokers to keep the darker side of the industry out and safeguard it’s traders.

SmartTrader’s uniqueness lies in its ability to offer traders a cloud-based platform to analyze and trade the most popular asset classes, while connecting other like-minded investors across multiple brokerage firms. The platform gives users a seamless experience allowing traders to access it from the convenience of a desktop, tablet or mobile device. SmartTrader continues to enhance the platform by incorporating feedback from users and insights driven by the user-to-user interactions.

While the equity, forex, and cryptocurrency markets continue to grow and entice new traders; the demand for cutting-edge technologies, methodologies, and strategies will continue to grow with it. As markets evolve, SmartTrader will advance its offerings; enabling traders to be more profitable and agile in varying market conditions.